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Hey G'z

I Came Across This Tid Bit...Whilst Watching Oprah Actually & Came Across The Blog Of Joseph Duncan...Now If He Sounds Familiar Or If He Don't...He Is The Guy That Took The Bro & Sis In Ohio & Murdered Their Family & Then Murded The Little Boy After AFew Days On The Run With Them, & Left His Remains For The Police To Find In A Camping Area In Ohio...But They Found The Little Gurl On The Surveillance Camera @ The Gas Station...It Was All Over The NEws...Anyway The FREAK Actually Has A Blog...I Mean It's Fuk'd Obviously...More Psychologically Fucked Up Then Graphic Or Anything Like That...More Of a "I've Had A Hard Life Pity Me" Type Thang...But I Wanted To Also Point Out The Replies He Recieved, Espically The One's From The Christan Right Wing...Also I'm Not Trying To Bash God Or Anything Like That...I Just Wanted To Share With Ya'll...Due To Our Common Interest In SVU & Since We Are All Against This Shit...M Espcially, You I Feel May Take The Greatest Interest Considering Your Future Career Path.

Peace & Much Love

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