mhargitayrocks (mhargitayrocks) wrote in tactlesssvu,

least i got her introuble... lol i wooda went full blast.. if only i wasnt soo emoish today.

SVUBensonJr17: i want you to take me off your buddy list
SVUBensonJr17: i'm sorry.
SVUBensonJr17: that virus thing,
SVUBensonJr17: has happened more than once
M Hargitay Rocks: didnt u get rid of it?
M Hargitay Rocks: go to google and type in AIMFIX
M Hargitay Rocks: then run tht
SVUBensonJr17: yes, after bout an hour of getting yelled at
SVUBensonJr17: i got in major ass trouble,
SVUBensonJr17: cause i meet you online
M Hargitay Rocks: fine, i will, but it also blocks u
SVUBensonJr17: take me off your buddy list
SVUBensonJr17: we havent' talked since this summer...
M Hargitay Rocks: umm ok
SVUBensonJr17: i'm sorry...but this has happened more than once.
SVUBensonJr17: i got in big ass trouble last night
M Hargitay Rocks: youve sed tht... im lookin fer ur sn
SVUBensonJr17: and i aint gonna let it happened
SVUBensonJr17: every single of one of them
SVUBensonJr17: svubensonjr17, capteagle
SVUBensonJr17: or Jrs06 which ever ones you have, please take them off.
M Hargitay Rocks: dude, be like that..... idc... it wasnt my fault tht i got a virus... ur just... EAGLE, i shooda listened to the TDS......
SVUBensonJr17: or i will get a new screen name
M Hargitay Rocks: loser man... looooossseerrrrr
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